New Zealand’s natural resources are precious.

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Mercury understands that the decisions we make today can impact tomorrow. That's why we take action with a view to long-term sustainability of our business, and help customers with choices based on sustainable solutions.

Mercury champions the electrification of transport through our celebration of e.bikes and EVs because it presents a wonderful opportunity for New Zealand. It leverages the fact that our electricity generation is dominated by renewable sources: hydro and geothermal, with growth opportunities for solar and wind generation.

We encourage customers to make this choice with beneficial EV charging rates, and by committing to the electrification of our own vehicle fleet. This brings more EVs into the country. We pioneered the concept of an Electric Highway™ of charging stations so EV drivers aren’t constrained by range. This was, part of bringing to New Zealanders the internationally recognised PlugShare app so that EV owners can know they are never far from a charging station irrespective of who owns it.

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The source of a customer’s energy is an important choice.

Mercury generates about 17% of New Zealand’s electricity, all of it from  renewable sources. It’s this clean and sustainable, home-grown electricity that reduces New Zealand’s carbon footprint, giving Kiwis the choice to be part of a better tomorrow.

Through nine hydro and five geothermal stations, we generate enough renewable electricity for 850,000 homes, helping to make better environments for families to live, learn and grow in.

The raw energy of New Zealand’s natural resources is at the heart of our renewable generation. Custodianship of these raw energy sources is a part of who we are.

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