To remind customers of the fun they can have with their energy, to thank them for choosing Mercury, and to help them wash their dogs or host a dinner party, we offer the opportunity to choose a Free Power Day. It’s a day where a customer can really make the most of wonderful energy.

» 157,000 Free Power Days.


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Inspiring New Zealanders to enjoy energy in more wonderful ways.

Mercury’s purpose is to inspire New Zealanders to enjoy energy in more wonderful ways. That’s why we launched our new single brand in July 2016 with wonderful examples of what energy can do for our customers.

Our customers were at the heart of this change. They even helped choose our bee logo. They told us they want choices which reward them and that we should be easy to work with so we designed our customer strategy around this. We focus on giving our customers the right choices and that’s led to our highest-ever levels of customer satisfaction and the lowest customer switching rate amongst similar-sized retailers.

Mercury will keep asking and listening to our customers so we can offer choices that make energy wonderful.


Focusing on inspiring, rewarding and making it easy for our customers helps everyone at Mercury to become a customer champion.


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