Living our attitude.

Our purpose is to inspire New Zealanders to enjoy energy in more wonderful ways. To achieve this, we need empowered people working very well together: Mercury people who can anticipate change, adapt to it and execute flawlessly.  That’s why we make substantial investments for people and, more importantly, teams to grow and thrive. 

It was only one year ago that we reshaped ourselves under the single Mercury brand. We’ve come a long way organisationally in that brief time. For our people, we have brought to life our Mercury ‘attitude’: our ways of working designed to underpin how we do things here. 

We support our people to ‘Commit and Own it’ – this is about executing well and doing what we say.

We support our people to ‘Share and Connect’ – to build strong relationships across our company, with our customers and also more widely, so that we understand and can influence positive outcomes.

And we support our people to be ‘Curious and Original’ – so we see all of the possibilities that are open to us.

Building on our attitude, we introduced the Mercury Code this year, replacing our previous code of ethics and code of conduct. This is another step to ensure that our people know what ‘doing the right thing’ means at Mercury.

By knowing ourselves better, we can work with others better. We are looking at how we can further extend these approaches into our supply chain. At Mercury, we believe we can enhance our positive influence in New Zealand by ensuring the businesses we work with share our values.

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