What Matters Most.

In 2016 Mercury established five key pillars representing the things that matter most to our stakeholders and our company.  These are the material considerations relevant to how Mercury sustains and grows long-term value.

You can read more about how these material considerations relate to our stakeholders and how we engaged our stakeholders in the creation of this report here.

In this report, we have further developed the information provided on each of these pillars. We have incorporated more stakeholder feedback, provided clarity on why these areas matter most, and  have outlined what Mercury has done or plans to do to create long-term value in these areas. 

We will continue to evolve our reporting to include further goals and targets in these key areas.



How it all fits together.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),  establish a global vision to end poverty, hunger, inequality and protect natural resources. The SDGs act as a target for businesses, governments and society to make the right choices now to improve life for future generations. At Mercury, the work we’ve done contributes to a number of key SDGs. In this table we have aligned our What Matters Most pillars with the three SDGs we contribute to the most:

How it all fits together graph